Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
A Personal Travel Journal

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Batanes: South Tour

The sun is up and summer has just kissed Batanes, though the weather is unpredictable in this island, their dry season starts in June, as told.

South Batan Island Tour is about 7 hours, depends on how you or your group ponder the moment with the vividness of the surroundings. It is recommended to get a guided tour for this sightseeing. 

South Batan Island Tour as for my experience is not the typical "biking distance" trip. Though touring the island on a bike is more enjoyable and entirely different from touring on a motorized vehicle. I remember the night I can't feel my legs, from biking 3 hours just around Basco. But I did bike again the next morning and in the afternoon, and the next day, and the next. 

 Mahatao is an uphill-downhill terrain with zigzags, making that 6 kilometers from Basco beyond normal for biking. Ivana and Uyugan are farther with unpaved roads.

Among the tourist spots in Mahatao are, of course the Chawa View Deck, the Mahatao Boat Shelter Port, the Tayid Lighthouse aka Mahatao Lighthouse, the church of San Carlos Borromeo, the evergreen Racuh-a-Payaman and Racuh-a-Idi Spring of Youth.

Boats bound Sabtang is situated in Ivana, across the San Jose de Obrero church. 

The famous Honesty Coffee Shop is also placed near Ivana port.

Uyugan is the least populated municipality in Batan Island. The ruins of Song Song can be seen in this municipality. The Itbud Idjang or the "ancient fortress" can also be spotted.  

The village of  Imnajbu, according to history, is where the first mass in Batanes was held. 

Everywhere is picture worthy, From time to time, I have to tell the driver to stop to a certain area to savor the view and take pictures. 

Batanes is such a lovely place from all angles. I have no words to describe what it feels to be in this dreamy place. I was overwhelmed by the exquisiteness of the island. "Sleeping Beauty" is here sleeping still.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that biking the South is not possible. I just want to give a thought to those who would wish to just bike the entire Batan Island the possibility of exhaustion. Actually, I made an arrangement to just bike the entire Batan Island like what I read in blogs, but I'm glad I did not.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Batanes: North Tour

I am not a staycation person when it is nature, eco adventure or the beach. And I didn't pay to fly just to stay indoors on a sunshiny day. You can stay in your hotel or in your room  if you don't want to be entertained by the view. 

 Batanes comprises of 6 municipalities, out of the 6, 4 are located in Batan Island, the most populated Island of Batanes. 

 North Batan Island tour is a half day tour covered mostly biking distance from Basco town proper, but that "biking distance" doesn't necessarily mean anyone can bike around, 

Tukon church and Valugan Boulder beach are manageable to a certain level but I had to carry the bike at times, especially on the uphill trail.

It takes courage and stamina especially when you lost your way, like I did, while chasing the trail to Vayang Rolling Hills.

But getting lost brought me to another unplanned but favorable place like the Chadpidan Boulder beach 

Batanes is the manifestation that heaven and earth can, sometimes, trade over.

Disclaimer: I did not bike around the first time. I observed, mapped and get used to the streets before I did bike the town. It is better to have a knowledgeable guide to assist you or your group while on strange routes. 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Batanes, Ichaddao Ku Imu

Capian kamu pa nu dios! (it means "hello")

I wasn't so prepared going to Batanes, brought with me only 5 shirts and 3 boardshorts. But with the last few pencil cases and pencils - I think I really have to fly and give those to some grade school kids.

 With a less than considerable amount in my pocket, I managed to enjoy the scenes and the adventures, AND with provisions to take home souvenir items and shirts and bags and sweet candies. 

Batanes isn't so expensive when you're with a group of like minded individuals who aren't fussy on getting kissed by the scorching heat of the sun. 

I found the waters of Morong beach inviting, so I took off my shirt and dipped in the clear blue for like 5 minutes, and when I saw the people done in their picture taking with the famed arch of Sabtang, took my turn,  photobombers no more!

 ATVs and bikes can be rented in this soon 4 lighthouses island. I did biked around town early in the morning and in the afternoon to revisit the places for that postcard quality pictures to brag about, that I was there at least one time in my life.

Aside from the green surroundings, the rolling hills and the beautiful lighthouses, I admire the people of the island. There were "hi's" and "hello's" everywhere, especially from the kids. I can say Ivatans are one of the most respectful people on the planet. And honest too!

You can visit Batanes thru flights from Tuguegarao or the NCR.

Oh yes, Ichaddao Ku Imu (ichadao kuymu) means "I love you" in Ivatan language
and Dios Mamajes means "Thank You".