Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
A Personal Travel Journal

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taggat Lagoon and the Tale of the Rocks

 Claveria at the north tip of mainland Luzon is mysteriously lovable place. 
From the mini waterfalls, to lagoon, to cove and to everything simple and nice.

The village of Taggat is where a lagoon can be found, a preferred swimming and beach bumming destination. The place is shielded from the immense waves by natural boulders of rock, trapping the composed sea water in a basin-like enclosure, calling it a lagoon. 

During the summer months, the coast of Taggat are filled with people immersing themselves in  the lagoon to beat the heat. Children can swim safely in the lagoon, with adults supervision, without worrying to a great extent that they might be carried by the waves away into the open sea. Just extra precaution stepping on the rocks, they are at times slippery.

Taggat is where the renowned rock formations can be witnessed and was even made distinct and illustrious by its legend, the Lakay-Lakay and Baket-Baket.