Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
A Personal Travel Journal

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be inspired

The passion  for this effort to seek for possible contributors to our mission in Ifugao is our determination to help the kids who walked the mountains and cross rivers and streams for hours just to come to school. Their urge to learn despite of the long walks they endure is already extraordinary. Don't pity these kids just because they have forests to run, they have stars to light the night sky, they have living streams to dip in whenever they want, and mountains to have them lulled.

What they're deficient are the things they needed when rainy days approaches, a raincoat to shield them from going drenched in the rain, a bag to secure their belongings, a boots or a slipper to protect their feet. Consumable school supplies are also in their wishlist. Ask them what they want and they will shyly say notebooks, pencils, crayons- things that they needed in their schooling. They won't ask for things like the cellphones, computers, or other gaming consoles, yet, they are happy kids. Yes, we have those things whenever we needed one, but to the kids of the hills, those things are riches.

And yes we can afford our daily share of expensive coffee and a day without sipping luxurious coffee won't hurt. We don't ask for donations to boast of what somebody just shared, contributions that offered with compassion is very much longed-for.

We don't ask for priorities, the recent calamities and disasters happened are not a hindrance in our motivation to seek help for the kids of the hills. We can be of help to those kids in one way or the other.

Be inspired.. Be of Help..

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Friday, August 17, 2012

GIVE Ifugao..

My story of the kids in Ifugao may be my first hands-on volunteering effort. I have done the giving to certain group only at some point of calamity by sending used clothing, canned goods and noodles.

I thought of proposing a small time outreaches to help the children who walk hours and cross rivers and hike mountains just to get to school and yet eager to learn. An acquaintance, a fellow traveler told me to observe one. She's been doing this for years; limited and silently.

We at first thought of the island that is part the Babuyan Archipelago, but we can't go on on a stormy season in the country. It was good fortune that brought us to Ifugao. Chance that must be brought to reality.

I have observed their set, they were given with such a very appealing surroundings. They got marvelous mountains, streams and  a good chilly weather. Ifugao is such an imperial place.

Because of its landscape and the altitude, it was very heart warming to witness eager little learners go to school, even with a worn out slipper, without rain covers on a cold, rainy season, some without bags and protecting their things in a plastic bag. They must be rewarded for their urge to learn.

The enthusiasm for this call is our determination to help even in our small way.

The children of the hills needed encouragement as they come to school. Gaming consoles are unknown to those kids. If you asked them what they need, they will answer "slippers", "bag", "notebooks", "pencils", "crayons" - small things that we just taken for granted at times just because we have them whenever we need.

If you happen to talk or play with those children, their smiles and laughter will enveloped you with gladness. I felt that. Sincere happiness.

And you being with them, talk and laugh, is like an actual way of saying "you are in our dreams and we love you", I hope those kids get the message, and we all wish that they pursue their education where they can't go wrong. I hope. I wish. For they are the ones who will inherit Ifugao soon, to be taken cared of.

The motivation for this writing is my determination to carry on the proposal, the Give Intensely, Victoriously, Enthusiastically or GIVE Ifugao; set to happen on November  this year, a three day outreach program for more or less 500 beneficiaries of different villages.

I also encourage you dear readers to please sponsor a preschooler / gradeschooler. Monetary donations will be used to purchase school bags, notebooks, pencils, raincoats and slippers or boots to at least 500 beneficiaries in various communities.

If you're interested in helping, please help us help.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

The Imperial Ifugao..

It was a good day to start. The sun is up and the wind is refreshing.

Ifugao is set in the mountainous part of the Cordilleras.

Home to the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World.

The Ifugao Rice Terraces is the most extensive of all rice terraces in the world.

These 2000 year old terraces were carved by ancestors of the Ifugao people.

Most of them still practice traditional farming.

This is up-close and personal with the ancient rice terraces of Hapao..

Hapao is in Hungduan where one of the oldest rice terraces of Ifugao is located.

They have streams and their ancient irrigation system are notable.

One can dip in these living streams of Hapao.

The sights are awe inspiring.

These rice terraces sustained the lives of the community of the Ifugaos.

Ifugao is more than the small water falls along the road.

More than the famed amphitheater resembled terraces of Batad.

The people are pleasant, they speak with a jubilant spirit.

For this reason, I will keep going back to Ifugao.

It's not just the cold weather and it's not just the views.

It's about the heart-stopping culture of the people.

Marvelous in many ways.

They don't complain much. They are lively people.

There may be a lot of unexpected extras while moving around Ifugao.

This countryside will definitely reside in your dreams.

Dreams that you've fallen for the views of Ifugao...

..And you left your heart.