Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
A Personal Travel Journal

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dreamy Sentinela Cove

 One of the hidden paradise in the town of Claveria is nonetheless the Sentinela Cove, home to the Ubing-Ubing of the Cagayan. This particular place in Claveria is ideal for beach goers, unlike the coast in the Poblacion area, Sentinela is enthroned with white sand and the current is more tender. And if you're feeling to just dip in an unsalty water, the stream is just around reunited to the sea, the water won't go higher than the knee.

 Ubing-Ubing, as told in the legend, is the offspring of Lakay-Lakay and Baket-Baket, who in their greediness was turned into a rock. At the back of my head, I'm asking myself why the story of the rock formations can be given such partiality?

  Moving on, Sentinela beach is hidden from the national highway. It was about a few hundred meters away when you saw the arch of Barangay D. Leano. There are no markers going there, the only sign that you are not lost is the village's arch and the waiting shed along the road and if you've seen Bantay Kalbo at the far right, the hill with the communications tower, you are already in the stretch of Sentinela beach.

From Claveria marketplace, there are jeepneys bound Sanchez Mira, just tell the driver to drop you off at the Barangay D. Leano archway (I think is the only access going to the cove), that's about 15 minutes or less jeepney ride from the market. Walk straight to the cemented path til you reach the dirt road, portion of the roadway going to the beach is unpaved. 

You may also want to ride the tricycle from Claveria town proper, just tell the driver to bring you to Sentinela beach or tell them to bring you to Ubing-Ubing. Follow the same trail going to the highway and hail for either a jeepney or tricycle back to the marketplace.

Bring your own provisions especially water or your hydro packs if you wish to stay longer. Best time to go there as told is early morning or before sunset.

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Northern Experience

Traveling in the Northern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines can be distressing, I say so because of the availability of buses plying the Maharlika Highway in the North. But if you're seeking adventures in roadtrip, the Northern experience is more likely on your list.

Touring the Northern Luzon Island is tricky. For example, one can go to the town of Aparri in either the eastern road or the west. The western portion offers scenes of the Ilocos Region, the French Riviera of the North, Patapat Viaduct that is, and on the eastern part is the Magapit Bridge in Lal-lo, said to be the "oldest suspension bridge" in the Philippines.

 North experience isn't complete without the visit to the famous Callao Cave in Penablanca, about less than an hour from Tuguegarao. Tuguegarao can be reached by air or enduring the 12 hour bus journey on daylight and 10 hour on a night trip.The best period to travel on daytime is between 4:30AM - 6:00AM or 8:00PM and onwards at night. Florida Bus in Cubao and Sampaloc & Victory Liner in Pasay and Cubao have direct trip to Tuguegarao, Book your journey early for the buses with toilets.

About 2 hours bus ride from Tuguegarao City, you can reach Aparri, you can ride GV Florida bus or shuttle vans. Aparri is where "the river meets the sea", it is at the portal of the Cagayan River.

From Aparri, there are mini buses and shuttle vans going to Santa Ana. Travel time may be 2 hours more. Santa Ana is home to the Cagayan Freeport Zone and is also home to the Anguib beach. Cape Engano can also be reached by hiring an outrigger boat bound to Palaui Island. San Vicente Port in Santa Ana is also home to the jetty port going to Calayan Island.

Proceeding to the site of the church ruins in San Jacinto de Polonia in Camalaniugan, near the banks of the Cagayan River,one can get a ghastly story pertaining to the sentinel of the old church ruins. Near the ruins is the  erected house of worship and the belfry where the oldest bell in the Far East is placed. From Santa Ana, this is after the town of Buguey.

Before heading to the humble town of Claveria, you may want to visit the newly renovated " Asia's oldest suspension bridge", the Magapit Suspension Bridge in the town of Lal-lo. Here is the loading and unloading point for buses and shuttle vans going to Ballesteros, Pamplona, Sanchez Mira, Claveria, Sta. Praxedes, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, buses mostly came from Tuguegarao City.

 Claveria in Cagayan is one of my favorite place in the North because of its simplicity. People are nice, good location and everything seems uncomplicated. Plus it's near the less populated beach of Sentinela.

In about an hour from Claveria, you will be in Ilocos Norte's town of Pagudpud. This is where the Boracay of the North can be found. From Pagudpud, places to be explored nearby is at 30 minutes at most. You may want to visit Bangui, Kapurpurawan and Cape Bojeador. You may opt to ride GMW buses going Laoag or Vigan.  From Pagudpud, you may want to pursue with Laoag or visit the Calle Crisologo in Vigan at midnight and took as many pictures as you can while the town is asleep.

Going back to the Metro Manila is easy. Variety of buses like Partas,  Farinas Transit and GV Florida are available along the highways of Ilocos. Bus Terminals can be found mostly in Laoag City.


For those wanting to try the Tuguegarao-Claveria-Ilocos Norte-Ilocos Sur long trip, I am also posting the Bus schedules for your  information. You may also try the Manila-Santa Ana-Claveria-Ilocos Norte-Ilocos Sur. This will take you 5 days in roadtrips (the least possible).

GV Florida Bus - Cubao Station
GV Florida Bus - Sampaloc Station
Victory Liner - Kamias Station
Victory Liner - Pasay Station
GMW Trans - Tuguegarao Station

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