Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Racuh-a-Idi Spring of Youth

Sitio Diura is a fishing village in Mahatao. But this trip is not in the common itinerary of South Batan Tour. Curiosity landed us there- to the legend of the Spring of Youth.  

The story goes like this: "Once there was a mother with 2 sick children, she brought them to different healers and still couldn't cure them. The children's situation are getting severe that the mom is hopeless of any cure. While they were on a strange place, an enchanted voice told the mother to let her children be soaked and drink water from the nearby stream. And she followed what the mysterious voice said. Just like where everything is possible, the children are back on their feet in a day. News scattered in various directions. Amazed by the healing property of the spring water, the community call it "Spring of Youth".

Today, the spring was enclosed in a manmade basin. The view of Mt. Iraya and the Pacific Ocean, enjoined by the trees sheltering the area added tranquility to the setting. Racuh-a-Idi (Racuaydi) spring is said to be visited by people believing in its healing potential..

Disclaimer: The story of Racuh-a-Idi Spring of Youth was based on what I understand from the story of our Guide. However, the story derived from the known tour operator in Batanes as we talked, is more elaborate. According to Ryan, the legend of the Spring of youth came from the old folks of Mahatao. Thank You Ryan Lara Cardona for the additional pieces of information, the story is now at the back of my head! Again, Thank you!


  1. I almost missed this out in my itinerary. Buti nalang yung trike driver reminded me about it, So yun napuntahan ko. hehe

    1. may ilang oras din ako nag-swimming dito.. :-)

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