Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Boracay is not Bora

 When talking of white sand beach, the first place on my mind is Boracay, voted many times over as the finest beach not just in the Philippines but the entire world. 

Unfortunately, the island is too commercialized and the ingrate businessmen are flocking the island, building establishments without concerning the natural environment. It is only fair that those establishments listed as "destroyer" of the beautiful island of Boracay must be put down.

For a traveler like me, I am not after those 5-Star accommodations that proudly showing the magnificence of the establishment's architecture. Even if I have the money, I won't stay to such a place that damages the environment and its natural assets. I won't even take a picture of how beautiful the engineering behind the pricey property. 

If for some the place is tiring and misquoted, the island of Boracay isn't just a paradise, it's my sunny place. Been there many a time, but always excited to land my foot and walk the exceptionally fine white sand of the famous beach of Malay, Aklan. 

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  1. Tama. Boracay and hindi Bora. And I also agree that these "developments" around the island must be controlled.

  2. indeed i_g.. dapat laging kasama ang environment sa lahat ng aspeto ng pagpapaunlad ng buhay at kabuhayan..

  3. The island seem to be corrupting by powerful hands, even its sand must be saved.

    1. have observed that too AJ.. for some portion of white beach, the sand seems different.. its local government is busy imposing taxes to everything instead of looking after the welfare of the island..

  4. they might mean bora bora in french polynesia, but i agree, boracay should not be called bora.