Experiences and Stories of Biyaheng Palos

Experiences and Stories of  Biyaheng Palos
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kippings Dwelling

 Leonor Bauzon Rivera aka Leonor Rivera was Jose Rizal's first love, 
immortalized by Jose Rizal in his "Noli Me Tangere" as Maria Clara.
 Henry Kipping was the railway engineer who married Leonor Rivera. 

According to history, Leonor Rivera's mother, Silvestra Bauzon, 
was against to a "romantic relationship" with Jose Rizal; 
there is also this fact that Leonora's father, Antonio Rivera, 
is a cousin of Francisco Mercado, Jose Rizal's father, 
so come and think of it, for most people, it is the "law"; 
and so Leonora's mother burned every letters of Jose, 
so it won't get in the hands of Leonora during those days. 

This story passed on and propagated up to this very moment.
The Rivera-Kipping family has history on their shoulders needed to be told. 

Back in the house of the Kippings,
the house was turned into a private museum before, 
but now closed for possible reconstruction due to leakages 
during the rainy days, so it's an off limits to all, 
to reopen in unknown date and time 
since reconstruction haven't started yet, 
and yes it still is a private abode to the Kippings.

According to Ms. Caroline Kipping, descendant of Henry and Leonor, 
the original home of the Riveras was put down in the 1950s 
and was replaced by the present standing stone house. 
The mansion is noticeable still and the splendor is overwhelming. 
You would wish you could see more than just the black and white floorings, 
the circular stairs, the balcony, and the remembrance of the 
monumental past hanging on the wall of the house. 

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